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Upcoming Classes –Summer 2020


Due to COVID-19, all classes and sessions beginning in March and April have been cancelled. They will resume June 1, 2020.

Puppy Playtime – 45 minute off-leash playtime and exploration opportunities for puppies under 20 weeks of age.  Free to puppies in our “Welcome Home New Puppy” class; $10 to puppies not in the class.  No Puppy Playtime will be held on July 4, August 15 and September 5.

  • Saturdays at 2 pm


Welcome Home - New Puppy - a four week class to help your new puppy learn basic obedience skills and house manners.  Classes begin:

●      Wednesday, June 3 @ 6pm

●      Sunday, June 7 @ 3pm

●      Sunday, July 5 @ 3pm

●      Wednesday, July 8 @ 6pm

●      Sunday, August 2 @ 3pm (no class August 16)

●      Wednesday, August 5 @ 6pm

●      Wednesday, September 9 @ 6pm

●      Sunday, September 13 @ 3pm


Next Step for Puppies - a four week class for the older puppy.  Classes begin:

  • Thursday, June 4 @ 730pm

  • Sunday, June 7 @ 430pm

  • Sunday, July 5 @ 430pm

  • Wednesday, July 8 @ 730pm

  • Sunday, August 2 @ 430pm (no class August 16)

  • Wednesday, August 5 @ 730pm

  • Wednesday, September 9 @ 730pm

  • Sunday, September 13 @ 430pm


Basic Skills - a four week class that focuses on obedience and life skills.  Classes begin:

●      Thursday, June 4 @ 6pm

●      Sunday, June 7 @ 12pm

●      Sunday, July 5 @ 12pm

●      Thursday, July 9 @ 6pm

●      Sunday, August 2 @ 12pm (no class August 16)

●      Thursday, August 6 @ 6pm

●      Thursday, September 10 @ 6pm

●      Sunday, September 13 @ 12pm


Advanced Skills – a four week class that focuses on training mechanics, performing behaviors with distractions (dogs, people), building duration, and how to get precise and quick response to cues. Classes begin:

  • Thursday, September 10 @ 730pm


Tricks – a four week class teaching you to teach your dog tricks.  Evaluation week 4 for the AKC Tricks titles.  Classes begin:

  • Sunday, July 5 @ 130pm


Canine Good Citizen Prep & Evaluation – a four week class that polishes your dog’s skills in preparation to take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen evaluation on week 4.  Dogs must be comfortable working in the presence of other dogs.  Classes begin:

  • Tuesday, June 2 @ 6pm

  • Tuesday, August 4 @ 6pm


Therapy Dog Prep – a six week class designed to polish the obedience skills your dog will need to be ready for therapy dog work, to teach you about canine body language so that you can best advocate for your dog, and to expose your dog to stimuli similar to what they will experience in a therapy dog situation.  Classes begin:

  • Tuesday, June 2 @ 730pm

  • Thursday, July 9 @ 730pm


Intro to Rally – a four week to introduce you and your dog to the fun of Rally – a chance to navigate a course, side-by-side, of 10-20 signs.  Each sign has you demonstrate a specific skill.  It’s a great chance to practice those obedience skills, while on the move and having fun.  Good mental work for both of you!  Classes begin:

  • Wednesday, June 3 @ 730pm

  • Tuesday, July 7 @ 6pm

  • Sunday, September 13 @ 130pm


Let the Games Begin – a four week group class that introduces you and your dog to four types of fun: Tricks, Rally, Obstacle Courses and Scent Games.  Classes begin:

  • Date TBD 


Dogs on the Go - a four week class that is in field trip form.  We meet at local parks and do group walks, learning how to help our dogs behave calmly and politely in public.  We offer the class on:

●      Sunday, June 7 @ 130pm


Loose Leash Walking  - a four week class is for older puppies or adult dogs that tend to pull on leash.  We will teach owners how to build a new loose-leash walking behavior from the ground up.

  • Date TBD


Taming the Adolescent Beast – a four week class focused on socialization, manners, confidence building, handling, cooperative care, age appropriate expectations, impulse control, leash walking and other skills needed to help your adolescent grow up into a well behaved, safe and social dog.

  • Sunday, August 2 @ 130pm (no class August 16)


Reactive Rover – a six week class designed to address the special issues of a reactive rover.  Must have already had private sessions with a Best Friends Dog Academy trainer to enroll in class.  Classes begin:

  • Date TBD 


All classes are explained in detail on our website.  We limit the number of dogs in each class, so plan ahead and save your space.  Registrations are done online:

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