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Private Training 

With private training, we teach and coach you to train your dog.  Working together, we discuss how dogs learn, the "why" behind behaviors, communicating with your canine, and positive reinforcement techniques, while making it fun for everyone to set goals and reach them.

Coaching sessions are held virtually or in your home, or a combination of the two.  In home services are available in Iowa City/Coralville or West Branch/Tipton.  Additional charges may be applicable if you are more than a 30 min. driving distance. We will discuss your preference and our recommendation before you book.

Due to the volume of inquiries for private training, Contact us before purchasing a training package to ensure availability and to avoid refund fees.  Please send an email to answering the following questions:

1.) How did you find us? (Google, social media, veterinarian, groomer, another trainer, rescue/shelter, etc.) Please be specific, especially if your veterinarian referred you. 

2.) Why are you inquiring and/or what are your goals for training/behavior modification.  

3.) What is your availability to work with us on a regular basis? (Private training is only offered between 9 AM- 4 PM Tuesday through Saturday).

4.) If you are looking for in-person/at home services, where do you live?

Private Training - Single Session 

To purchase a single 1 hour training session for $140, use the link below.

Private Training - Packages of 3 or 6 sessions

There are many behaviors that may require more than one session. Examples include:

  • Bringing home a new puppy - We can help with everything from puppy proofing before the puppy comes home to house training, crate training, and age appropriate manners and skills so that you and your puppy are set up for a lifetime of success. 

  • Reactivity and Fear - Does your dog bark and lunge when he sees other dogs or when people come to your home?  We can help you understand why your dog behaves this way and get you started on more peaceful interactions.  We will show you how to influence your dog's underlying emotional state so that reactions are much more appropriate and less stressful for both of you. Reactivity requires a minimum of a six session package. 

  • Bringing home an adopted dog - We help you set up your home to ensure that your new dog is set up for success.  Our trainers have years of experience working and living with dogs adopted from animal shelters and breed rescue groups, and are familiar with the common issues.  

  • Other behavior challenges- We can help you address resource guarding behaviors, generalized anxiety, undesirable habits (leash pulling, counter surfing, jumping up on visitors, to name a few).  To find out more or to ask about a specific behavior problem, email us at


To purchase a package of three (3) one-hour private training sessions for $330, use the below link.



To purchase a package of six (6) one-hour private training sessions for $660, use the below link. 

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