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Proof of Vaccinations

Proof of vaccines must be delivered to Best Friends Dog Academy via email, USPO, or in-person at least 48 hours prior to a puppy or dog entering the facility.  Adult dogs must have proof of being current on vaccinations for rabies, distemper and parvo.   Puppies too young for a rabies vaccination need only provide proof of vaccinations for distemper and parvo.  IF SUCH PROOF HAS NOT BEEN PROVIDED 48 HOURS PRIOR TO THE FIRST CLASS, YOUR DOG MAY NOT ATTEND. Should this occur, class registration fees are not refunded.  This is for the safety of all dogs.


If a group class is cancelled due to weather conditions, or the Instructor is sick, a make-up class will be scheduled for one week following the last class session at the same time. 

Individual make-up classes (in the event that you are unable to attend an individual class for a session for which you have already registered) will not be scheduled.  Please check your calendar in advance, we do not offer "partial registrations" for multiple session classes.  

72 hours notice, prior to the first date/time of a group class session is required for cancellation and refund for that group class session.  ***Your registration fee will be refunded MINUS the paypal and/or bank processing fees. 

Refunds for registration fee for a group class session will not be made within 72 hours of class start or once the session has begun. 

If a class has only one dog/handler team registered for it, the class will be cancelled.  You will be contacted and your payment applied to a different group class.


Notice to trainer must be given, via email or phone, at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled session, in order to reschedule the session.  Refunds are not given; the payment is applied to a future session.  Dogs learn best when training is consistent.  We strongly encourage keeping to the set training schedule, in order to set your dog up for success. Services cancelled with a 72 hour notice prior to the start of sessions will be refunded less the paypal and/or bank processing fees.


In the event that a class is cancelled due to severe weather, your instructor will email you. See above for more information. 


In the event that a dog displays aggressive behavior aimed at a person or another dog, that dog/owner team may be asked to leave a class.  Best Friends Dog Academy will discuss options with owner (private training or behavior consultation).  In these cases, credit for the class will be carried forward to a behavior consultation or to private training sessions.

Questions? Email us.

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