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Consultations for Shelters

Liz offers in-person consultations to help shelters create or improve behavior programs. Consultations may be general, covering a wide variety of programs such as enrichment, behavior modification, volunteer and staff handing and training protocols or more specific such as working with traumatized dogs, individualized behavior assessments.


Shelter Behavior Presentations

Liz offers in person educational opportunities for staff and volunteers. Typically these are a combination of lecture and hands-on. Below is a sample of topics offered. Please email Liz at for more information or to inquire about a specific topic.

  • Canine body language

  • Fear, anxiety, and stress in dogs

  • Dog park etiquette

  • Helping dogs who experienced trauma 

  • Building resilience in shelter dogs

  • Basic/easy dog training for shelter dogs

  • Enrichment in the animal shelter

  • Disaster preparedness/Setting up a volunteer animal disaster response team

  • Behavior modification for shelter dogs

  • Foster puppy best practices

  • Addressing common behavior problems in dogs

  • Shy/Fearful dogs

  • Match making & meeting needs for forever homes

We utilize Best Friends Dog Academy’s programs for individual behavior consulting as well as staff and volunteer training. Liz’s combination of behavior and training knowledge along with her shelter experience has made a positive impact on many animals in our care. She works one-on-one with staff and volunteers to help them understand each animal and develop behavior modification and placement plans that meet that animal’s needs.  

Chris Whitmore, Director 

Iowa City Animal Care & Adoption Center

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