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Professional. Positive. Results.

Best Friends Dog Academy offers professional, positive training for dogs and their humans. Our mission is to use ethical training methods that are backed by science, humane, and learner-centric. We look forward to working with you and your best friend!

Our Services

Our Team

Best Friends Dog Academy is owned and operated by Liz Ford. Liz is a certified dog trainer with over two decades of experience in the fields of animal welfare, animal training, and behavior consulting.

Liz and her team help owners better understand their dog's behavior and behavioral needs, teaching owners how to get desirable behaviors to suit their lifestyle. 

Success Stories

What is special about the trainers associated with Best Friends Dog Academy is their considerable background and advanced education in working with dogs who have a past. They start with where the dog is at (e.g.,training, temperament, experiences, socialization) and go forward with an end goal of helping that, specific, dog live peaceably and non-destructively with humans


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