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Best Friends Dog Academy offers group classes, one-on-one private training, behavior consultations and educational events.  

Group Classes

Group classes with a limited number of dogs per class ensure every dog/handler team receives individualized attention while still benefiting from working in the presence of other people and dogs. Learn more here.

Private Training

Coaching sessions are held at our facility or at your home. We teach you to train your dog.  Working together, we discuss canine body language, how dogs learn, and positive reinforcement techniques while making it fun for everyone to set goals and reach them.

Day training sessions are held at your home.  We work one-on-one with your dog a few times (without you) each week and once per week, meet with you and your dog to transfer the newly learned skills to you.  Let us do the work for you.  We teach the skill; you maintain it.


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Virtual or Telephone Private Training

Virtual or telephone coaching sessions are convenient and effective. ​They are held using , Zoom or another agreed upon platform. Everything you get in person, but in the comfort of your own home, which can truly set your dog up for success.

During our video or telephone calls, we will explain, demonstrate, answer questions, and provide feedback for each exercise - just like as if we were there in person. 

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Behavior Consultations

Behavior consultations are held at our facility or in your home. These sessions address more serious behavior concerns such as separation anxiety, aggression, reactivity, resource guarding and other challenges that demand more time than a single lesson offers.

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Educational seminars and workshops are periodically held at Best Friends Dog Academy.


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Positive reinforcement and humane training techniques are used as we work with you and your dog(s).  We start with meeting the dog where he is and making forward progress from there. Best Friends Dog Academy offers a family friendly environment and children are welcome to attend most of our classes.


Offering both group and private instruction, we work with you to help you learn how to teach your dog what you want from him. By improving your understanding of and how to more effectively communicate with your dog(s), we work together to help them become well behaved at home, as well as when out and about in our community.



Our facility is a 2400 s.f. facility located minutes south of Iowa City.


Best Friends Dog Academy, LLC

4852 Sand Road SE

Building C

Iowa City, Iowa


(319) 321-4092


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