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Virtual or Telephone Private Training - Coaching

Contact us before purchasing a training package to ensure trainer availability.  Tell us a little about your dog or puppy and your goals for training or behavior modification.

​​Video and telephone calls are very effective, particularly for fear and anxiety based behaviors.  They are also great for brand new puppy set ups and dogs that otherwise work better at home.  


Virtual lessons provide great entertainment and instruction for the whole family - which produces even better results with everyone on the same page.


We’ll "meet" at a scheduled time, but from the comfort of your living room on your laptop or smartphone. The reduced distractions by working with your dog at home can accelerate learning. 

Virtual or telephone coaching sessions are held using Zoom or another agreed upon platform.  Working together, we discuss canine body language, how dogs learn, and positive reinforcement techniques, while making it fun for everyone to set goals and reach them.  Virtual private training is available in packages of 3 of 6 sessions.  The first session will be getting to know you and your dog, information gathering, and goal setting.  Subsequent sessions will focus on behavior modification and training.


During our video or telephone calls, we will explain, demonstrate, answer questions, and provide feedback for each exercise - just like as if we were there in person. 

To purchase a package of 3 virtual training sessions for $330, click here:

To purchase a package of 6 virtual training sessions for $660, click here:

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