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Give the GIFT of training to a dog you know and love.


For that special friend whose dog jumps all over you, give the gift of a training session.

Know someone getting a puppy this winter?  Help them get off to a great start together by spending time with a certified professional dog trainer.

Gift certificates can be purchased for a four week group class ($140), an in-home private training session ($100), or a package of 3 one hour, in-home private training sessions ($250).  Pay below, send us an email and let us know for whom you are purchasing this gift.  We'll send the gift certificate to them.  A well behaved dog is in their future!


Gift Certificate - Group Class 

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Gift Certificate - Private Training Single Session

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Gift Certificate - Package of 3 - one hour Private Training Sessions

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AUDITOR - listen, watch & learn

If you are interested in auditing a class, you may do so by paying below and sending an email to to let us know the class in which you are interested.  

Auditors attend without their dog. Adults only, please.  

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